paintin' up some chevron curtains

So, the windows in my office face west causing it to get really bright and hot in the afternoons. Since I am a night owl who pretty much is only awake after noon, this causes problems for me. I knew that I wanted to put up some simple curtain panels like I had previously done for privacy in our bathroom but I just couldn't find a fabric that I liked and wasn't over $15 a yard. That's too much for me to comfortably spend on fabric since I am not a big sewing/fabric person. Then I saw this blog post and I knew that I had to do something amazing like this instead of some fabric anyone could buy. After much effort (and several fabric stores and online shopping) I picked a good muslin fabric from Joann Fabrics. I was looking at acrylic craft paint when the sales girl basically said to us "No, No, No. You need FABRIC paint." Well this put a damper on my project because the whole point was to use paint that I already had and would match perfectly to my office walls and be hella cheap since I already own it. I wanted to only spend the $6 for fabric and be done with it. So I made the choice to listen to her and spent $26 on stupid fabric paint that I would have to mix to get the right colors. I was just not okay with this when I got home and got online to do some research. I found out about textile medium that can be added to acrylic paint to make it fabric paint and it just has to be heat set with an iron. Eureka!!! So I took the fabric paint back and bought the textile medium. Still $7.99 a bottle but less that the fabric paint and I could use my wall paint to get an exact match. I bought two bottles just to not have to make another trip to the craft store (I have since made 3 trips in 3 days and have to make another since the sponge rollers I bought for cheap do not, in fact, actually roll, because they are so cheap and I want my dolla bills back). So, after doing the best job I have ever done with some Stitch Witchery I had some great little panels to start with. I then mixed way more paint than I ended up needing (better safe than sorry and un-matching), taped those suckers up and went to painting town. After they dried for 24 hours, they got heat set with the iron and now they are done and looking amazing. I was worried the paint would seep under the tape but it didn't and I am loving them.

Sorry for the lack of a step-by-step but they were very labor intensive (My husband is complaining about his back hurting after helping tape a panel. Some men just aren't built for crafts!) and I just wanted to get them done so as not to spend my entire weekend working on them when I could be goofing off. Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to help out since I was a novice with fabric painting before this project.

Below is the view from outside. You can see how the paint is slightly visible (it only bled through a little to the other side). At night it will look really cool because of the light from inside making the chevrons show up more. I like to let the neighbors have something nice to look at as well :)

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