it holiday wreath time once again

I have been REALLY wanting to change my Christmas decor colors (normally red and pink on our white tree) for a few years now but it's just too expensive and we don't have the storage space for any more holiday stuff in our little townhouse. So this year I decided to change things up by making a ton of paper ornaments from kraft paper and old book pages, both of which I have plenty of to use. And I can also use the champagne colored ornaments I already have to add some sparkle to the decor. So I am super excited to get this party started. Let the crafting begin!

Thanks to this great tutorial over at See You There I made this great toilet paper/paper towel roll wreath. Apparently this is the year for wreath making since I am also going to be making a book page wreath in the next few weeks. Both of these wreaths are super cheap and easy so definitely try them!

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