merry christmas to me ma

i wanted to make my mom some wicked sweet flowers for one of her christmas gifts. so i asked her what her favorite colors right now are. brown and green. and i'm thinking "man! do i get my art side from her or what!?!" since i went through a brown and green phase for like ages. it was my logo colors for years. so i got my little crafting hat on and made her flowers. got her a sweet vase at michael's and am LOVING how it turned out. i even experimented with some new flowers from looking at random pics online of flowers. i did originally have white poppies but in the end i thought they detracted from the great colors going on. so here are the pics of the greatness i created. and shhhhh, don't tell my mom! you can click on the pics to see bigger versions! some were taken with the flash to show better detail and some weren't since it was a rainy day today.


  1. beautiful flowers!
    i browsed through your pages and LOVED the details on your beautiful wedding and reception hall. you are amazing girl!!!!

  2. holy crap! I LOVE THESE! I know who to ask for creating green bouquets...mwa hahaha...