thanks to you great people

i was googling the blog to see where it has been linked and found some awesome comments from other people about the paper flowers i made for my wedding. i just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the awesome comments! it's so sweet and i am happy i could help other people maybe make their own flowers. i know i am enjoying being able to have flowers in the house all the time that don't die and make me smile because i made them. plus, my husband just can't get over how awesome they look and tells me so all the time.

thanks to amanda for including me in her special day through flowers as well. it's exciting knowing i can make something people will enjoy and keep on enjoying. it's also pretty cool to hear people oooh and awww about how great they look. we all like appreciation for our hard work and i have always wanted to make things for people who appreciate them and the effort that goes into them. i haven't decided if i want to actually start advertising to make them on etsy or not. the process requires a bit of constant contact between myself and the person i am making the flowers for since i like to make sure they are loving each step i am taking because it's the biggest event they will ever plan in their life. so, the idea of someone just going online and deciding to purchase a bouquet from me seems a little flat when i know i will need to be communicating with them often.

who knows, maybe i will just do them every once in a while for people via word of mouth or people who read this blog. either way i am enjoying making other people smile just with a bit of paper.

you guys rock and get crafting!


  1. what program do you use to create all your details!!? table numbers...etc...?!!

  2. adobe illustrator, photoshop and indesign. i'm a graphic designer so i have the software.