more pics from the pros

our photographer uploaded some more pictures this week and i am loving them SO much. i wanted to share them with you guys.


lanterns and pom poms

the flower girl loving the glow bracelets

centerpiece. the double stick tape kept coming off on the ribbon because i made them so far in advance. fyi. if i had known it would come off after 3 months i would have glued it.

luminaries out from of the church

the flowers for the girls

i couldn't believe how bright the flowers are in color and how pale in black and white. but it looks cool to me.

the church

the pomanders hanging in the drinks area

mints anyone?

really cool shot of the ceiling in the reception hall

the crosswords we made

our cake topper i love

my bouquet. the more i look at it the more i love it and am thinking about making them for other people. maybe sell them on etsy?

i hope i could inspire awesomeness. at some point i need to list a bunch of the stuff online for sale on etsy or ebay.

stuff for sale: (contact me if you want info by leaving a comment with your email or a link to your blog or something)
- centerpiece vases
- the pomanders from the drinks area
- the glass votive candle holders and some of the candles from ikea
- wood branch pencils with orange ribbon
- gift envelope box with brown and orange glitter spots
- sparkling gems used in the centerpiece vases (also hanging on pomanders)
- 2" brown satin ribbon (in 8 ft and 3ft strips)


  1. Hi Melissa! I just love all your pictures and all the thought and details you put into your wedding- you are so creative!! I would love to feature your wedding on my blog, let me know if you are interested! :)

  2. The pics look great! I'm pretty sure I'm going to make the flower pom poms, too. You've totally inspired me to make them!

    I'd love to buy your pomanders and perhaps the gift envelope box! I'm telling you- if you started making the bouquets on your etsy shop, I'd probably order mine from you because I'm not sure I've got the patience to make those.

    you can email me: amandaaldi at yahoo

    Thanks so much!

  3. I love everything, especially your bouquet! And yes, you *should* sell them on etsy!

    - Kristin@bonafidebride


  4. Soooo pretty! Makes me happy!

  5. wow, amazing EVERYTHING!

    what kind of double-sided tape did you use? i'm on a big Scor-Tape kick right now - it's even stronger than the red-line terrifically tacky tape and heat/humidity actually strengthens the bond! highly recommended from an unbiased 3rd party :)

  6. i think i just used scotch brand permanent but i stuck it on about 8 months prior and it was satin ribbon to ribbon so it wasn't the best adhesion.

  7. I am IN LOVE with your wedding! Is that creepy? ;)

    I saw where you ordered your custom cake topper.. do you mind sharing about how much it cost you? I seriously hated cake toppers until now..

  8. kristen, that is SO not creepy at all. i am in love with so many weddings i see and i am done with mine. i don't remember exactly how much the cake topper was but i think it was around $15 plus shipping maybe.

  9. It is gorgeous.. this is probably asking a little much but is there any possibility I could get in touch with you about me paying you to design one like that for our cake? I just can't get over how awesome the ampersand sign is..


  10. kristin, i will shoot you an email. and it's actually called an EMPERSAND when it's shaped that way. an ampersand is this & one. just an fyi.

  11. love love love the flowers and all the pictures..... inspired me totally.. in fact i just made 1 poppies flower with blue center and white petals... i don't even know if that color flower is there...
    u should make them and sell then at etsy....

    keep inspiring others....

    lots of wishes divya


  12. Jordan Walters1:58 PM, May 01, 2010

    Melissa, your orange bouquets are absolutely stunning. I'm not planning on getting married for about two years, but I'm totally in love with your bouquets (and I was already thinking I wanted an orange wedding!) Out of curiosity, how much would you charge per bouquet, and do you plan on making and selling them in the future?

    Please email me at jordan.walters@hope.edu!