diy vinyl wall decal

now that our master bathroom is done and i am adding finishing touches, i wanted to add a few monogram decals to the room. my inspiration was this one over at etsy.com. being the craft master that i am (and the fact that i own a huge roll of white vinyl my mom gave me way back when) i wasn't about to pay for something i could make myself. and in the future if i want something other than white i can use the vinyl to cut out a stencil and just paint whatever on the wall so i don't have to free hand it. nice!

i designed what i wanted in indesign (i am a professional graphic designer so i have this software and normal people don't but could maybe use something else) and printed it out. i originally made mine reversed because i thought the vinyl had a sticky layer but it didn't so i had to cut on the side that would be showing. no biggie. i taped the printout to the vinyl and cut it out with a sharp (new blade) exacto knife. i rule with the exacto.

you then remove whatever parts you want the wall to show through.

i then covered the front with painters tape since it isn't super sticky and would release easier.

after you cover it with tape remove the original paper backing to expose the vinyl's sticky side.

then just stick it wherever you want it and press down so the vinyl adheres. i wasn't getting as good of adhesion as i would have liked because of the stupid gloss in the bathroom paint but it should be ok. at least i know it will work perfectly fine in the rest of the house since it is all flat paint with no shine to mess things up.

remove the tape slowly while holding the vinyl with one hand so it doesn't pull off the wall.

voila! instant free awesomeness. at least for me it was. if you are lucky, you will rule as much as me and it will be free too. have fun kiddies!!

my side

the hubs side

the bathroom (with all our junk on the counter). please ignore the slacker looking crafter behind the curtain!!!


  1. love this!! where do you buy the sticky vinyl? I would love to try it!

  2. i didn't buy it. my mom had it from way back so i am not sure. i know you can get rolls on ebay and i'm sure online in other places in all kinds of colors. i will probably do that as well since this vinyl isn't sticking as well as i would like (maybe because it's old or low tac). but definitely try it!!!

  3. This also works great with standard contact paper. I used it to make those fancy-schmancy little trees in my bedroom in my apartment. Hassle free way to decorate without paint! Really like this idea. Very well executed!!