post wedding updates

we are still waiting on the pics from the pros (of course) but here are a few pics snapped by the people at the shindig. the lantern leds didn't light as bright as i would have liked but i didn't care. the groom was forgotten and ended up missing my entire walk down the aisle. so now we have a story to tell our kids. we are still in the insane process of moving into the new house and getting everything put away which seems like it will never be done. i can't imagine there being a day when i don't need to be unpacking anything. it's also interesting getting used to living in a place with stairs when i haven't since high school. my legs are going to look FABULOUS!!

i didn't eat a single cupcake until like 3 days later because i was so sick of making them. i wish i had 2 ovens for this process. i also managed to mess up the frosting for the lemon and it was WAY too sweet so i had to fix it on the day before my wedding. next time i will make sure i have enough lemons! everything tasted fabulous and it was all box mix with homemade frosting. publix provided the cake to cut since the one i did looked wrong to me and i am a perfectionist.

one of my bridesmaids being crazy with the crossword puzzles and tree branch pencils we put at each seat in honor of my love of crosswords.

the lanterns and pom poms over the dance floor area. i am pretty sure we still have leds on in the bags from the wedding and it's been over a week since it happened.

centerpieces. i don't even want to think about how much stuff i have that i need to list on ebay now since i don't need 200 ikea tealight holders!!!

the eat, drink & be married banners. everyone loved everything and brian was talking about me making everything all night which i thought was adorable even though i didn't know until later since i was dancing all night.

happy wedding planning people and i'm happy to answer any questions!!


  1. O...M....G... your wedding looks SO awesome! How creative, fun, and totally unique!

  2. Love the paper lanterns and your banners! Great touches!

  3. melissa, you have done such a fantastic job! All that effort, and it looks like it paid off, i have been watching your blog since i became engaged, and you are officially my inspiration for our wedding.

    The banners look fab! your dress looks great!

    hope you enjoyed your day!

  4. you rock! I had to check back in and see how your wedding went. everything came together flawlessly. on those banners how did you do the lettering? i am also endevering on a massive hanging pom journey. how do you rig them up there? congrats on the wedding and enjoy this next phase in life together. - Alisha

  5. for the letters i printed them on transparency paper and then used an overhead projector to project them on to the paper after taping it on the wall. then i traced it and painted them in. the pom poms all had string attached to them and then i just used the little binder clips to clip them into the dividers in the ceiling. good luck!!! make sure to open the pom poms with plenty of time before since they take some time so you don't tear the paper. i did mine the week before even though i had made them months before.

  6. I Love how you did everything!!! Do you mind if I use some of your ideas???

  7. go right ahead and use any ideas. have fun.