working on cupcakes

to save money i am baking cupcakes myself. it's taking longer than i thought but nothing to be done about it now since it's already started and the wedding is in a day. i have finished baking the chocolate and vanilla but managed to run out of chocolate ganache (even though i tested the recipe and quantity so i guess i got a little crazy with the piping bag) and am waiting for some more too cool down to ice the rest of the chocolate cupcakes. then i can move on to the vanilla/lemon. i have managed to completely empty the fridge and get everything in the door compartments to make room. thankfully the ganache is thick and doesn't have the tendency to melt as the buttercream and the cream cheese frosting might, so they get to sit in the living room while the vanilla/lemon and the carrot cake cupcakes stay in the fridge. i'm cooking the strawberry cake for us to cut so i could get a little bit of a break since it takes longer than the cupcakes to bake. once the cake is done i can move on to cooking the carrot cake, icing the vanilla and icing the carrot cake after it cools. phew. AND i have to get up at 8:15 am to go decorate for the reception. i hope brian appreciates the effort i am making to save us some money!!!

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