day before becoming someone's mrs

what a LONG day today was!!! i went to bed at 5:30 am after baking all night. i HATED how the cake i made for us to cut looked so it got scrapped and the recipe for the lemon frosting turned out wrong. brian thinks it's one of those recipes that doesn't multiply well. so when i went to bed at 5:30 am i had a mini-breakdown because i was so upset about both issues. i managed to wake brian up coming to bed and he knew something was bugging me. i freaked out but he promised we would work it out. and in the morning, he did. he got everyone to come help decorate so that we could get it done fast and i could fix the cupcakes. all i had to do was scrape off the messed up frosting and do new. it turned out yummy. we bought a plain small white cake from publix to cut up and i wrapped the same ribbon we have everywhere on it and will stick the topper on it tomorrow morning when i go in to put the LED's in the lanterns and set up the cupcakes. then home to shower and go with the girls to get dolled up. we had rehearsal and i am getting more nervous about everyone watching me walk down the aisle and stand up there. i am terrified of being in front of crowds even if it is family. so tonight i hope to get much needed sleep and pray for calmness in the nerves of the ceremony.

here are some photos of the decorating we did today. it's all done and ready for a shindig!

the escort cards

table set up. the oranges look severe on my camera but i will post the pics from the pro when i get them.

the kraft paper door covers i punched holes in for hours. the light looks super cool coming through.

the cupcake table


  1. How did you have those escort cards printed? Did you have them printed somewhere or do it at home?

  2. everything looks so amazing! what a great job!

  3. you rock! I had to check back in and see how your wedding went. everything came together flawlessly. on those banners how did you do the lettering? i am also endevering on a massive hanging pom journey. how do you rig them up there? congrats on the wedding and enjoy this next phase in life together.