time to ship the invitations

today i put together, labeled and shipped the invites. they look fabulous and i hope the people getting them like them. here's a photo of the fronts and backs of everything.

a: front of envelope with wrap around label
b: back of envelope with return address
c: back side of the rsvp postcard
d: front of rsvp
e: front of invitation
f: inside of invitation


  1. They're gorgeous! You did such an amazing job!

  2. Love, love, love, love, LOVE these!!! Wish I had found them sooner! :P

    Did you have any problems with the wrap around labels at the post office? On the Martha Stewart site, people were leaving comments that theirs got returned. :/

  3. i didn't have any returned to me but i also kept them super simple on the right side with the address. i did all the art on the left. i originally was going to make the label dark brown with orange address but i worried about mail issues. but no problems with the ones i used.

  4. Good to know, thanks for the response! :)

    How did you edit your template? What program did you use? I love your multi stars wraps and wanted to customize them with a background that coordinates with our invitation suites.


  5. i'm a graphic designer so i made the template myself using adobe indesign.

  6. ah, dang. don't have that one. I'm sure I can make my own template in photoshop, but just thought I'd check with you first. ;)

    Thanks for sharing!!