thanks to the visitors

i LOVE the fact that so many people i don't know read this blog and get inspired. that's such a great feeling as an artist and crafter. and sadly, in regular life it's rare for people to tell you that you inspire them. so thanks to all of you guys reading this in blog land. now that i am done with all these freaking flowers i hope to get inspired to make more cool free stuff for you to make pretty things in your own lives. after all, everything should be pretty if we can make it that way.


  1. Awww Thanks to you! I started my crazy fabric and paper flower idea a 2 or 3 months ago and every once in a while i would doubt myself- I've been making flowers slowly so seeing your finished bouquets really gave me some assurance that my crazy idea wasn't really so crazy. THANK YOU!

  2. yes, more free stuff! you astound me! i love this blog...what will happen after your wedding?!