my bouquet is done!!!

i am so excited! i finished my bouquet. it looks fantastic if i do say so myself. and super cheap compared to the real thing (which is why this got done in the first place). i even did a good job covering the stems with ribbon on my first try. i love it. my pictures look super color saturated but i can't figure out why since they look ok on my camera display. it might be the time of day i shoot but you can't see much details because of it but it still looks awesome and i love it. i am UBER proud of myself for how it turned out. here are the pics. i highly suggest trying it yourself ladies!!!

isn't it freaking gorgeous!!!!

here is the tutorial i used to show me how to do the ribbon on the handle. it was super easy. i hot glued the last part before tying the bow then i glued that to the stem too just to make sure nothing unravels. i had made kraft paper leaves to finish the bottom off and cover the fake stems but they were too big. so instead i glued pieces of ribbon to hang around the edges and cover the underside after gluing a crepe paper circle over things to cover more. i REALLY didn't want all of those wire stems showing in pictures and i hate the lacy plastic cone type things they make for this job. you could probably use a really nice doily or something else round to cover it as well. i just cut a hole in the center to slide onto the stem then hot clued it to the wires and flowers to hold it in place. then i glued the ribbons over top. i cut them long so they would go over the handle part to give it some bulk. i wrapped that with floral tape then covered with the ribbon in the correct way from that tutorial. it gave me more bulk to hold onto which is nice.

as much of a pain as it was to make flowers every day it was worth it. now i have to make the 4 for the bridesmaids. i hope they love theirs as much as i do since they can decorate with them later on. it would be super fun to make these for other people if i had other colors of paper. i made the martha stewart tissue paper flower bouquet kit to get some ideas and i loved it so much it's now in my hallway as decoration. i absolutely LOVE the variation of the pinks and wish there were more oranges in tissue and crepe. but alas, there aren't many options unless i am buying in bulk and that costs like $24 for 480 sheets which i don't need at this point and time just to get some extra colors. especially, since the point of this was to save money. but overall, we budgeted $700 for flowers and now we are only buying the altar flowers. i probably spent $75 max on everything to make these flowers myself. a good job if i do say so myself!!

you can buy this kit online. i got mine on etsy but then kicked myself when i went into michael's and they had it ON SALE and i would have saved shipping. i didn't think it was still easily available. but this is what you can make from the kit. they have one flower in there i couldn't figure out based on the directions (the ones with the ball in the center) and so i cut the tissue in half and made the flowers my own way which you see in the photos. the kit is only like $5 so go get one!!!


  1. Your bouquet is absolutely beautiful. I looked at it a long time and you can hardly tell they are not real! Love the added bow rather than leaves. I can't wait to see it all together. Going to Michael's right now to see if there are any of those kits left. Daughter is having a very pink birthday in a couple weeks and I didn't want to spend a lot on flowers. This is a great alternative. If it's good enough for your wedding, it is good enough for a 6 year old's birthday party! One last word on your flowers: LOVE!

  2. Oh I've been wanting to try this! Gorgeous you are correct!