lots of flowers

it has been paper flower chaos in this house. i found the information below on marth stewart's website and decided to try to make these flowers. after trying all but the last one (with the curly pieces) i felt like letting people know about how easy or hard they are to try.

The Martha Stewart Info is to follow with my comments in Orange.

How to make flowers and leaves for the above bouquet:

A bouquet like ours requires about 25 flowers and 10 leaves. Once you have arranged them, cover the stems in wide ribbon. You will need tissue paper, a rotary cutter or scissors, 24-gauge green cloth-covered floral wire, white craft glue in a bottle with a needle-nose tip, two Styrofoam balls (1-inch and 1 1/2-inch), artificial stamens, and green floral tape. Purchase supplies online or at crafts or floral-supply stores. If using a rotary cutter, work on a self-healing mat.
Double LeafTo make three double leaves, stack tissue in three hues of green. Cut 2-by-3-inch rectangles through all layers; fold in half. Trim tips into points; unfold. Twist each sheet at center. Fold 18-inch floral wire in half, slip over center of leaf, and twist. Fold tips toward each other, and curl.
i didn't try making any of the leaves since i don't want greenery in my bouquet but i bet they are all super easy.
Long LeafStack tissue in two hues of green. Cut 2-by-3-inch rectangles through both layers. Apply glue along the upper third of a 9-inch piece of floral wire; sandwich between tissue layers. Let dry. Cut a leaf shape. Separate layers of tissue.
Folded PetalCut several 1 3/4-by-2 3/4-inch and 1 1/4-by-2-inch rectangles from tissue paper; fold each in half lengthwise; cut one end to be rounded, and twist other end to shape. For the center, roll white tissue paper into a tiny ball; cut out a square from white tissue paper, and wrap it around the ball, twisting tissue at its base. Attach the twisted end of the ball to a piece of floral wire by wrapping with green floral tape; add petals one at a time (start with small petals and end with large ones), taping twisted ends onto floral wire. Trim floral tape; spread out petals.
this flower looks pretty good when done but it was a pain in the butt to get all of the petals on in some kind of decent order since it has a LOT of petals and the twisted part isn't very long that attaches to the wire stem. the center is easy to make and could be used for different flowers too. it looks nice when done but is a little more delicate and easy to bend the petals. i hated doing it so much that i only did 2 before switching back to the bubble flower below that i had made already before finding this list of flowers.
Bubble PetalEach bloom requires 12 (or six pairs) stamens attached to floral wire with floral tape and five 4-by-2 1/4-inch pieces of tissue paper. For each petal, wrap tissue halfway around 1 1/2-inch Styrofoam ball, forming a half-sphere; twist ends, and remove ball. Attach one end of a petal to the base of stamen with floral tape. Add the other petals one at a time. Trim pointy ends. Gently pull petals away from center.
i found this one to be pretty easy to make. i actually did 3 more smaller petals on a 1" styro ball that was in one of the pictures online. i like it better because it doesn't look as sparse. i made my own stamens by just cutting 12 slices into a longer piece of tissue and twisting them. it is good to bunch the tissue up before twisting it or it has a tendency to tear near the twists. i made a TON of these as you will see in the last picture which is my final count for today. i don't know how many flowers i will end up needing so i stopped to wait on the crepe paper coming in the mail to make the flower ideas for that type of paper and then put them together and hopefully have more than enough. i'm also debating making some flowers out of scrapbook paper that have patterns on them like the kits you can buy at the paper source here which are super cool looking.
Rolled PetalCut a 16-by-3 1/2-inch strip of tissue paper; make 2-inch accordion folds. Trim and notch one end of tissue through all layers, as shown; unfold. Insert floral wire into a 1-inch Styrofoam ball; place ball near bottom of tissue strip. Roll tissue around ball; twist bottom. Remove the ball with tweezers. Wrap floral tape around the twisted tissue and wire. Trim the floral tape.
this one was a simple concept and it might have looked nice finished but i couldn't get that far. it was IMPOSSIBLE to get the stupid styrofoam ball out like they tell you. and you need it to make the nice little bubble twist on the bottom. i didn't feel like wasting a ton of balls on this by just leaving them in the flower so i didn't make even a single one after i got frustrated trying to do the first one. since i have to make these things myself to save us money i refuse to do any flowers that piss me off in the process. i want to enjoy my wedding process and it's not worth it to me just for a flower when there are easier, more interesting ones to be made.
Curly PetalCut a 16-by-3 1/2-inch strip of tissue paper; make 2-inch-wide accordion folds. Make 3-inch-deep snips in tissue to create fringe. Wrap unfringed end around floral wire. Secure with floral tape. Run scissors blade along pieces of fringe to curl; fluff.
i didn't try this one but i'm sure it would be cute. i think it would be TOO easy to tear the paper when trying to curl it with scissors and i didn't want to do all of those curls just for a single flower. so give it a try and let me know how it works for you.


  1. Pretty- I'm doing the bubble ones too, in pink and orange- I love the way orange looks. Lots of fun- so good to see other people doing paper flowers too.

  2. i just got the martha stewart crepe paper tulip kit to try out and they look amazing and super real. i couldn't find a template online anywhere so i bought it and scanned the templates in to have forever. i definitely recommend it.