gotta save some more money

the month of september has been rough in our house. my friend carmen tells me it's because mercury is in retrograde or something. we have had to spend some major money on stuff that we hadn't planned on. avoiding a car wreck that happened right in front of me, i managed to shred 2 of brian's tires on the debris. which meant we needed to replace all of the tires. brian also had to get some stuff checked out with his throat because he was having some weird reflux type action. and those scans with a camera aren't cheap.

all of this extra money, along with a really slow year for graphic design, has forced me to see what i could give up and maybe do myself. the only thing i could think to cut was the flowers. so i sat down and hashed out how to make the boutonnieres for the guys. i also made the corsages for the mom's. i'm getting some ideas of tissue and crepe paper flowers to make the bouquets myself as well. all in all saving us hundreds of dollars by not having fresh flowers (even though flowers are one of my favorite things ever). of course it will cost me a few bucks to buy the crepe paper and the floral tape and wire, but nothing like the $700 we budgeted for flowers. and this way too we can all keep our bouquets and maybe make something cool with the paper flowers later on since i know having a random bouquet in the house is a bit odd. i would take the thing apart and maybe frame them in a shadow box or something. it should be cool.

anywho, here is what i made last night and today to save us some dolla bills ya'll.

i did some small pom poms (to match the huge ones) with ribbon for the moms to wear. the ribbon is the same as on the unity candles and the cupcake stands. i also added a little swarovski crystal in the center for some sparkle. i used a broach pin on the back to keep them on securely. total cost = $0 since i already had everything.

i have been asked how i pimped out my boring styrofoam cupcake stands that i bought for super cheap on ebay. i glued the same tissue paper being used in everything else to cover the tops where the cupcakes will sit. i glued the ribbon around the edges to cover the rough area of the tissue paper. i think it looks fabulous and i don't mind the white because it breaks up all of the orange and brown. i actually made these a few weeks ago but just shot the photo.

here is what i did for the DIY boutonnieres (i didn't know how to spell this word properly until last night when i was searching etsy for ideas and not spelling it correctly). i once again turned to the supply of sculpey i have had since college.

ahhh sculpey how i love thee. just roll out some long snakes and spiral them as long as you would like them to be.

i wanted the spirals to look like fiddlehead ferns (which i love) and match the spiral action we have going on everywhere else. i did double spirals for the groomsmen and single ones for the ushers and the little boys handing out programs.

after i baked them i painted them. according to sites online it says you should use liquid craft acrylic. i decided to try this using the paint i bought to paint on the kraft paper banners that i still need to make. the paint was joann fabrics brand and WAY too thin and would have taken like 5 coats to cover. i ended up mixing in some tube acrylic to thicken and coat better. i used sculpey to hold them standing up while they dried.

for the decoration on the boutonnieres i made some little orange bows to go with the ribbon that would be wrapped around the bottom (that ribbon is the same in all of the candles that will be in the centerpieces).

to make the bows (this was my first time doing these) i cut strips and then hot glued the ends together to make a circle. then i held the circle standing up using the tips of scissors for weight (since this would be easier with 2 sets of hands) so that i could put a dot of hot glue inside and glue 2 centers to each other. this made the bow area.

to make the little dangling parts on bows, i tied a loose knot then put the main bow part inside and then pulled the knot tight. this again, was because it was the easiest way to do it without a helper. once the knot was tight i pulled one of the bands down to be on the same side as the other to match. then just cut them on an angle. and voila!

how super cute is this thing!?!

i wrapped the bottoms of the spirals with the dotted ribbon, hot gluing it along the way. then i glued on the little ribbons. i also ran some plain white glue on the back just to keep it extra secure since i am paranoid about ribbon coming loose.

i think they turned out nice and brian likes them which means the most since he and his guys will be wearing them. i do wish they were shinier but the last time i made some to test i used gloss mod podge to coat them and it made them tacky when next to each other and pulled the paint off if 2 of them touched. so i left them flat just in case. you can't mess around when it comes to making your own wedding DIY perfection.

i also went ahead and wrapped and marked the ties all of the guys will be wearing. they look adorable. eat your heart out martha stewart!

i'm hoping to think of some more freebie things to post but i am not sure what to do just yet. when i get inspired i will post something. if anyone has any ideas or requests just make a comment and i will see what i can maybe do to help out.


  1. You are doing some awesome things! I was happy to receive your invite today, though it had my last name on it...sniff. I can't wait to take awesome pics!

  2. The flowers and boutoniers look amazing. I love the fiddlehead shape.

  3. um, that's amazing. for serious. it's creative genius.

  4. These are very creative, you're so crafty!

  5. You are so super talented I can't stand it! Everything you make is awesome!

  6. If you don't have sculpey glaze, future floor wax works on sculpey. It's an acrylic compound that is compatible with polymer clay (many things aren't, like clear fingernail polish, and will never dry or will become tacky later). White elmers/craft glue is also compatible with polymer clay, as is superglue (cyanoacrylate glue) and epoxy. Acrylic paint works, but avoid oil paints. Acrylic paint can even be baked on for a more durable finish (bake for 5 minutes at the clay curing tempature, usually around 265F).

    White sculpey isn't very strong -- it's brittle and breaks easily. A wire armature can be used to strengthen pieces like the ones you made, if you have any breakage problems. Carefully handled, they should be fine, as long as the clay isn't taking a lot of stress.

    --Anonymous polymer clay artist

  7. hey!

    just a quick question...where did you find the ties?? I'm searching for some and haven't had much luck!

  8. i bought them on ebay. it wasn't easy finding them but i looked pretty much once a week.

  9. I know I am super late to this post but I wanted to attempt to make the faux fiddlehead ferms for my wedding boutonierres. I was wondering what color paint you used to make them look so natural? Also considering buying them on etsy but they are not cheap.

  10. I don't recall what color it was but I just used a dark brown acrylic that matched the browns I was using elsewhere in my wedding.