DIY table number holders

i was printing out several of the paper projects for the wedding today including the "drinks" sign to hang over this ugly roll up shade to the kitchen in the church's reception hall. i also printed and circle punched all of the cupcake toppers as well and attached the large toothpicks to them. they turned out awesome and i can't wait to see them in the different cupcakes. it was ironic i was doing a food project while watching the first episode of "top chef: las vegas".

during this process i realized that i needed to see how i liked my table card numbers. i was worried they would be too large and i wasn't sure where to place them since i have a bunch of candles on the table and don't want to catch things on fire. i also wasn't loving the design for them and i actually changed the design 2 times after printing them and looking at them. i don't have pictures because i didn't print the final version because it's late and i am super tired and have to take the dog to the groomer way too early for this night owl. so, after i got myself caught up with battlestar galactica season 4.5, i went to work on some holders for the table numbers. everything i saw online was more than i wanted to spend and they were just boring. so, i put my crafty noggin' to work on what i have in the house that could be turned into a holder. (brian says i have a lot of stuff that i don't use. he doesn't realize that artists will not get rid of supplies that they could use at a later date. and this post proves it. so there b!)

in the end these cost me absolutely NOTHING to make because i had everything on hand. the sculpey i have had since i was a computer animation major in college. the spiral paper clips i bought ages ago before they were easy to find at some boutique store. and the glitter, well i ALWAYS have glitter. martha stewart glitter is my absolute favorite crafting item. i would cover myself in it if i could. i love things to be sparkly. it's why i get along so well with my soon to be niece who is 7 years old. we both love pink and sparkles. that's what happens when you spend most of your life trying to hate pink. it comes back with a vengeance later on. people are lucky i don't own a bedazzler or brian would wake up with gems on his clothes.

my sculpey was super old and stiff so it took some elbow grease to soften it and roll into balls. i then flattened it slightly by pressing it down with my palm. i also tried to round it up towards the middle some as well. make sure to take off your engagement ring when doing this because this stuff leaves a weird film on everything. i bake it on aluminum foil and worked on my crappy dining table that i don't care if it gets messed up.

i'm not sure what the current sculpey package looks like since these are probably circa 1997-9ish. you could use colored or super sculpey if you want i guess. the colored might look cool since you could do all kinds of stuff with that. you could also do some cool stuff if you rolled it out thick then cut it with a cookie cutter and inserted the paper clip. just a thought.

then i inserted my spiral paper clips and pushed the clay together around it to hold it securely. i baked them in the oven according to the box which was 275 degrees for 50 minutes. it's 15 minutes per 1/4" of clay thickness. i then let them cool (battlestar galactica dvd time). make sure to vent your house well because it definitely gives chemicals off after a long bake like this one.

once cool, i gave them a coat of gem tack glue and covered with martha stewart brand glitter because it's super fine and has a ton of colors. i didn't paint or seal the sculpey first since the glitter covers so much (like fingerprints or weird dents in the shape). i also didn't put anything on the bottom because i didn't feel the need to waste glitter on something you won't see.

they turned out so sparkly and great and i am SO happy i could save us some money.

these would also be super great place card holders as well. it took maybe 1/2 a box of regular white sculpey to do 22 of these. happy wedding crafting!


  1. Oooh I like the sculpy place card holders. molto creativa.

  2. wow, this is an awesome idea!!! great job!

  3. Great Job Melissa, I love these!

  4. Yaye thanks for that! dont have sculpty where I am so I will be using cornstarch clay and wire as I dont have the cool looking paper clips! Been looking all over for an idea this is great!

  5. I am doing these for our table # holders also. I will post pics. when they are complete. Thanks for the awesome cheap idea!